Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Worst Blogger Ever

So I have decided that I'm the worst blogger ever. But since I'm here on my computer for a few minutes, I figured I'd give a rough update of our life lately...

Stuart started massage therapy school at the end of August. He absolutely loves it. And I can say that he has a natural gift for it. He loves the technical side of it, but is also very good at the actual massage part. I have to get a massage every night....rough, huh.

Anna is growing everyday. She is so smart and loves to play and be social. She makes friends with everyone she meets and is such a big helper. She loves church and is always willing to help there, especially when there are new kids. She puts her arm around them and talks to them. It's so cute.

We moved into a new house in July. It's next door to our old one, but at least twice the size. We are loving all the extra room. We moved into it so I could start a child care and preschool business. I love watching kids and my preschool is getting bigger everyday. It's the next best thing to teaching full time. Someday I'll get into the schools, but we'll see how things go after Anna starts kindergarten next year.

There is the shortest update ever on our lives....and here are some recent pics of Anna from the dance camp she did this summer.


The Wageman Clan said...

Congrats on everything! New house, new job, new school. Wow! You guys are busy. I'm glad to see your update and hope you guys are doing well!

Caranna said...

What cute pictures of Anna! I knew you were watching kids but I had no idea you were doing a preschool!
Do you have a teaching degree? I should have known sooner when you said, "...From a professional's point of view..." on facebook. I guess I'm a little slow ;)